How to Make a Crochet Hook Keyring


I recently stumbled across a great tool for knit or crochet on the go. Such a simple idea I felt dumb for not thinking of it. It’s a key chain with crochet hooks hanging from it. They’ve probably been around for years and I just hadn’t noticed them. That got me thinking if they can make them, then […]

Simple Crochet Cell Phone Bag


Sorry about the delay between posts, life happened. But now I’m back and have been in a crocheting/ knitting storm. One of the first items on the list is a cute and incredibly simple phone bag. It is the ideal size for phones or ipods or really anything you want to take along and not […]

How We Are Fixing The Boat Part1

Recently I made a rather large (16 or 18 foot) impulse buy. From the title you’ve probably guessed it; its a boat. A 1974 yar-craft 166TR, tri-hull fiberglass boat. The boat came complete with a motor (that last ran 13 years ago) and a trailer. This boat needs new seats, new floor, new electrical. After a […]

blue tang fish


When my husband was home we took our girls to the movie theater for the first time. After all the horror stories about taking young kids to the movies we were a little gun shy to say the least. We are very pleased to say our girls did great! After going to see “Finding Dori” […]

Tips for Managing Multiple Hobbies

With a laundry list of hobbies and easy internet access it can be difficult to focus on a specific project. Its too easy to loose interest when you have so many choices and easy distractions. For my own sanity and that of my loving family, I am striving to finish or frog all projects half […]

Knit Slippers


I am a self taught knitter who’s been knitting for about 3 years now. I started out mostly making fingerless gloves and a few scarves. (I really prefer to only make things I would personally use.) As anyone that knits/crochets ( really crafts of any kind) will tell you, non knitters tend to have a few […]

How to Crochet a Wine Tote


Not long ago I had one of my best friends ask me to help her collect empty wine bottles for her niece’s wedding. Since I usually don’t drink wine.  I enlisted some help from my aunts. They’re helping collect wine bottles so I thought it would be a good fit to make them each a […]

Crochet Slippers


We had a chilly morning the other day, and that got me thinking about how nice it would be to have some nice warm slippers. I enjoy projects when I’m in the mood for them. After making a pair of crochet slippers for my mom over winter the girls wanted new slippers too. I had […]

A Blanket for my Husband


  As crafty people we all start projects that we think we’ll love and don’t or we just overestimate our own skills. In the middle of my half finished project collection is one of those projects for me. Its a project I started with the best of intentions….. a lovely blanket for my husband.  After my […]

I Choose you!


        Most of my recent crochet projects have been done by requests or as a gift. I’m always more than happy to crochet for people I know will appreciate the time and effort that goes into the project. Since crocheting is how I like to relax I have a tendency to stick […]